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Migrant/Bilingual Education

Home Language Survey

Every school district must adopt written procedures for the identification of each student's primary or first language. Students whose primary or first language is not English must take the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA) Placement Test to determine whether they qualify for the State Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program.

The state’s Home Language Survey was updated in 2013 to more clearly and accurately identify each student’s primary or first language.

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The following questions are used to determine whether a student should be referred for WELPA Placement Testing.

  • What language did your child first learn to speak?
  • What language does YOUR CHILD use the most at home?

If the response to either of these questions is a language other than English, the student should be referred for testing with the WELPA Placement Test.

If the answers to both of the above questions is English, but the response to one of the following questions is a language other than English, a staff member should have a conversation with the student’s parents/guardians to ensure that the home language survey was clearly understood and accurately completed.

  • If available, in what language would you prefer to receive communication from the school?
  • What language(s) do parent/guardians use the most when you speak to your child?

All districts are required to report immigrant students. Refer to elements B10 (Birth Country), B31(Is student identified as immigrant?), B32 (Initial USA Public School Enrollment) and B33 (Number of Months US Attendance in School) in the CEDARS Data Manual.

The following questions are used to identify students who meet the definition of immigrant under Title III.

  • In what country was your child born?
  • Has your child attended school in the United States before enrolling in this district? For how many months?

My district has already printed enrollment packets for the 2013-2014 school year. When must my district implement the new home language survey?
If the district has already printed enrollment packets, the district may continue to use the 2006 WA State Home Language Survey until the district reprints. However, all districts must implement the new home language survey no later than spring 2014.

Can my district include the questions from the home language survey on the district enrollment form rather than using form provided by the state?
Yes. School districts are not required to use the home language survey provided by the state. However, ALL questions contained on the state-provided form must be included in the form used by the school district.




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