Washington State Education Funding 101
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Washington State Education Funding 101

The 2015 Legislative Session could be one of the most challenging in decades. The reason? Education funding. The Washington State Education Funding 101 package shows how Washington got to this point – in terms of policy and through the courts – as well as what can and should be done to ensure that we give all our children the opportunity to receive the education they deserve.

The package was conceived as a way to help legislators understand the complexities of the issue. But the documents are valuable to anyone who is interested in education funding. If you have any questions or comments about the documents, please don’t hesitate to email us at commteam@k12.wa.us.

PDF Washington State Education Funding 101 | Spanish (45 pages, 7 MB) updated Jan. 26, 2015

Table of Contents:

  • Letter – From State Superintendent Randy Dorn
  • Basic Education – A brief history of basic education and education funding.
  • Context – What does education look like in Washington state?
  • McCleary v. Washington – An overview of the ruling, a summary of the Court’s ruling and subsequent orders and a timeline of McCleary-related event
  • The plan – State Superintendent Dorn’s plan to fully fund basic education.
  • Initiative 1351 – The initiative’s text, its fiscal impact and the amount of money needed to satisfy the initiative.
  • Budget Requests – State Superintendent Dorn’s budget requests.
  • Policy Requests – OSPI policy requests for the 2015 legislative session.
  • Other budget/policy requests – State Superintendent Dorn’s budget request.
  • For more information – Additional state laws to consider, links to House Bills 2261 and 2776, legal findings, and relevant studies relied upon by the Legislature.

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What is McCleary All About? (1 page, PDF)

   Updated 3/17/2015

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