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Education of Homeless Children and Youth in Washington State only:

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Education of Homeless Children and Youth

Education of Homeless Children and Youth Data Collection and Reports

Data is collected each year on homeless children and youth enrolled and served by districts in Washington state.

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Legislative Report
Homeless Students Data - January 2015

**If you have any questions regarding the legislative report, please contact Jordyn Green in Student Information at (360)725-6317 or

Guidance for Data Collection

Grant Recipients—Form 1539
All grantees must submit reports on or before August 31, 2015.

Homeless Students in Washington State by School District
(as reported by each school district)


Data chart showing homeless students in Washington state: In 2009-10, 21,826 students. In 2010-11, 26,049 students. In 2011-12, 27,390 students. In 2012-13, 30,609 students. In 2013-14, 32,539 students. And in 2014-15, 35,511 students.

   Updated 5/25/2016

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