Highly Capable
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  Gayle Pauley
  (360) 725-6100

  Kristina Johnstone
  Program Supervisor
  (360) 725-4991



Highly Capable

The Highly Capable Program (HCP) is, by law, a part of basic education in Washington state. School districts use HCP funding to provide educational programs for students identified as highly capable.

HCP 2014-15 Annual Plan — iGrants FP 217 and 685
As a rule, we review HCP Annual Plans — form packages 217 and 685 — in the order they arrive. However, with Consolidated Program Review right around the corner, we give priority to those plans from districts that will undergo a CPR review this year.

HCP 2013-14 End-of-Year Reports — iGrants FP 250
HCP End-of-Year Reports, FP 250, are also in in line for review. Once we complete the annual plans, the FP 250s are up next.

If you are waiting for approval on your form packages, be aware that we’re making our way through as quickly as we can.

Highly Capable and Basic Education—WAC 392-170
Legislation mandates that highly capable is basic education in Washington state

Guidance and Resources
Regulations, policies, procedures, learning plan, standards, and more

Webinars, K–20s and Presentations
Updates and changes related to WAC 392-170



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