CEDARS Gifted Values Reporting Guidance
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CEDARS Guidance — Report Gifted Values

Updates to the CEDARS Data Manual affect data reporting on File I — Student Attributes and Programs — for gifted students. These changes to the Gifted Values and Exit Codes improve the alignment between the requirements for program reporting and amended state law — RCW 28A.185 and WAC 392-170.

CEDARS Gifted Values and Exit Codes

Changes to State Law Impact Highly Capable Programs
Changes to RCWs 28A.185 through 28A.185.030 place requirements for programs that serve highly capable students into Washington’s Basic Education Act. Revisions to WAC 392-170 Special Service Program—Highly Capable Students align Washington’s administrative code with these legislative changes.

  • Title 28A RCW Common School Provisions indexes the statutes that govern public education in Washington.

New Gift Values
The new Gifted Values to be assigned to Identified HCP Students who received services/participated in a program at any point during the 2013–2014 school year include:

  • 32—Gifted—services or programs provided in the regular classroom
    Student receives services in the regular classroom through options such as cluster grouping, enrichment, differentiated instruction, etc.
  • 33—Gifted—services or programs provided in a unique highly capable program
    Student receives services in a learning environment unique to the highly capable program such as self-contained classroom, multi-age classroom, pull-out services, or part-time grouping outside the regular classroom, etc.
  • 34—Gifted—services or programs provided through acceleration
    Student receives services through access to accelerated curriculum or instruction such as advanced subject placement, grade level advancement, early entrance or access to college level coursework, etc.
  • 35—Gifted—services or programs provided outside the traditional school setting
    Student receives services provided outside the regular classroom such as mentorships, collaborative partnerships with industry, cooperative arrangements with ESD/higher education/other districts, competitions, summer enrichment, etc.

Reporting Guidance & Tip Sheet
A student served in the district’s Highly Capable Program should be reported with one (or more) of the gifted codes, depending on services provided, until they have been exited from the Highly Capable Program.

Indicate a start date for the date the student begins receiving services or is placed in the Highly Capable Program.

Report students by the initial date a student first began in the program across school years and the date a student exits from the program and is no longer receiving services.

Students may be reported with more than one Gifted valid value based on the services received. A separate record must be created for each Gifted value assigned to a student. In this instance, the student will appear with more than one record within File I.

For students re-entering the district HCP after a formal exit from the program, assign a new record and new start date.

If a student is exited from the program, report the exit date in Element I08—Program Exit Date, and the appropriate exit reason code in Element I09.

Tip Sheet — CEDARS Gifted Values
Here is a Gifted Report Tip Sheet (PDF) that will help districts check the accuracy of Gifted value assignment for identified highly capable students in CEDARS.

Allowable Exit Codes for the HCP
Exit codes have been aligned to program requirements for providing a Grades K–12 continuum of services to an identified HCP student from point of placement in program. A district is to use the Exit code that corresponds to the reason a student is exited from the district’s HCP.

If a district’s policy or SIS restriction requires the district to exit students at the end of each school year for year-end transition purposes, use Exit Code H—End-of-school year transition for Element I09. Checks and balances should be in place to ensure that the appropriate students are reported as re-entering at the start of the new school year.

Use these exit codes for students in your Highly Capable Program:

  • B—Graduated
  • C—No longer enrolled
  • D—Opted out of program (student/parent/guardian withdrew from program)
  • H—End of school year transition
  • I—Student no longer qualifies for gifted program services based upon multiple objective assessment results (only for use with Gifted Programs)
  • K—Parent/Guardian/Student declined services for this year only

Retired Gift Values
The following Gifted Values have been retired and are no longer used:

  • 3—Gifted—services or program funded by state Highly Capable Program funds
  • 28—Gifted—services or program funded by district or other local funds
  • 29—Gifted—services or program funded by combination of state, district and/or local funds



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