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Highly Capable

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Equity and Access for All Highly Capable Students

HiCapPLUS is a pilot project designed to support the delivery of instruction and services to highly capable students. The pilot places special emphasis on the identification and instruction of children — consistently under-represented in programs for the highly capable across Washington state.

  • Professional learning for teachers and program directors that adapts to the opportunities and constraints of the local setting. HiCapPLUS will focus on the identification of, and provision of services to, highly capable students — with special emphasis on those children who are economically disadvantaged, need language acquisition services, and students with disabilities — all of whom could be passed over by traditional assessments and identification methods.
  • Technical assistance that improves program operations and increases compliance with state law. HiCapPLUS will function as a capacity-building project that helps schools plan, conduct, and improve programs to identify and serve all gifted and talented students.
  • New information and knowledge published online in the public domain, and distributed widely through the communication channels of OSPI and its educational partners

Online Professional Learning — Adaptable, Versatile, Local
As the pilot moves forward, OSPI partners from the universities of Washington, in Seattle, and Whitworth, in Spokane will work with school, district and ESD participants to develop online modules of professional learning that support teachers and principals in a variety of settings. Also in development — online modules that focus on compliance and the technical support districts need to comply with state law. Media and materials will be adaptable to the time and dynamics of districts, large and small, rural and urban. HiCapPLUS Overview

These modules are still in the development stages. To request access and see our progress, please contact jody.hess@k12.wa.us.

Highly Capable Programming and Basic Education
The need to guide and support districts as staff identify and serve gifted students has intensified following a landmark change in Washington State’s Basic Education Act. In 2011, the Legislature acknowledged the need to widen capacity for the identification, delivery and evaluation of HCP services with state law RCW 28A 185.020, which codified the education of gifted and talented students as basic to a K-12 public education in Washington state.

Districts must define an educational program for highly capable students, and comply with specific program-related provisions that, integrated as a whole across the K-12 continuum, will deliver a comprehensive and equitable education for gifted and talented students.
Highly Capable Program & Basic EducationTable of State Law and RegulationDefine a Highly Capable Student


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