Sexual Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (SHECAT)
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Sexual Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (SHECAT) - Video Series

Districts choosing to use a curriculum that has not been reviewed by OSPI and the Department of Health must assure medical and scientific accuracy, as well as alignment with the 2005 Guidelines for Sexual Health Information and Disease Prevention and the Healthy Youth Act. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers the Curriculum Assessment Tool for use in assessing sexual health education content over the K-12 life of a child. This series of videos can support your district in determining the most effective curriculum and materials for use in your classrooms.


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1Introduction to the Series2:05Marissa introduces the series and shows where to get the HECAT materials.
2AIDS Omnibus Act and the Healthy Youth Act2:48Laws that govern sexual health education in Washington are discussed.
3The HECAT and Sexual Health Module3:47The HECAT is a comprehensive tool for evaluating health education. It includes modules for healthy eating, drug and alcohol prevention, and sexual health.
4Healthy Behavior Outcomes and HECAT Standards4:26The National Standards for Sexuality Education identifies 8 healthy behavior outcomes. This video shows how the HECAT standards relate.
5Setting up a Review Process2:03Who should participate in a review process? How should you set it up?
6General Curriculum Info2:39What is the essential information to gather for each curriculum being reviewed?
7Preliminary Curriculum Considerations6:45Is the curriculum feasible? Accurate? Affordable?
8Curriculum Fundamentals2:52An excellent video for curriculum specialists and other reviewers to understand what makes for great instructional materials and how to rate materials under review.
9Sexual Health Module - Standard 13:41Standard 1 is all about knowledge and content coverage.
10Sexual Health Module - Standards 2-83:03What are the skill expectations for students? How well does the curriculum allow students to practice what they are learning?
11Comparing Results3:07If you reviewed multiple curricula, watch this video to understand best practices for comparing your results.
Total Series Length37:16

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