Complete a High School and Beyond Plan - Graduation Requirements
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Graduation Requirements

Complete a High School and Beyond Plan

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement. It's a collection of written documents designed to help students think about their future and choose coursework that prepares them for their goals after high school.

Starting in middle school, students work with their families and school staff to create their High School and Beyond Plan based on their own Personalized Pathway Requirement. They continue to revise their plan each year throughout high school as their interests or goals change.

The High School & Beyond Plan could include:

  • The student's interests and abilities, and the relationship to his/her current career goals;
  • A four-year plan for high school courses aligned to high school graduation requirements;
  • A list of exams the student needs to graduate from high school and for post-secondary goals (ACT, SAT, etc.);
  • Research on postsecondary programs related to the student's goals;
  • A completed resume or activity log;
  • A budget for life after high school; and
  • Demonstration of preparedness through presentation of the plan.

The Washington State Board of Education established the High School and Beyond Plan as a graduation requirement in 2000. The requirement is effective for students in the graduating class of 2008 and beyond, through WAC 180-51-061, WAC 180-51-066, and WAC 180-51-067. Please visit State Board of Education for more information.

Each school district determines the guidelines for the High School and Beyond Plan. Please contact your local school district to obtain a copy of the guidelines that have been established for your district.

NEW! Electronic version: An electronic version of the High School and Beyond Plan is now available for all students. Check with your school district's director of student information for more information.

Download lessons for each grade level to create a High School and Beyond Plan. Please visit Career Guidance Washington for more information.

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