Graduation Requirements
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Graduation Requirements

Earn High School Credit

Washington requires public high school students to complete a minimum of 20 credits to graduate. Many local school districts, however, require students to earn credits beyond the state minimum.

The chart below is for the classes of 2013 through 2016, and includes a column for "Career- and College- Ready Graduation Requirements." The 24-credit framework was designed to be both rigorous and flexible. The default pathway intended for most students will keep all postsecondary options open, including meeting the college admission requirements for entry into public 4-year institution or pursuing a program of study with a 2-year institution or an apprenticeship.

The graduation requirements for the class of 2016 are a step toward the Career and College Ready Graduation Requirements, but include only changes that have no state fiscal impact. The State Board of Education will not advocate for, and the legislature will not approve, full implementation of the 24 credit framework without adequate funding. Please visit the State Board website for more details.

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Requirements for Class of 2013 Requirements for the Class of 2016 Career and College Ready Graduation Requirements
Science (without lab)111
Science (with lab)112
Social Studies2.533
Occupational Education111
Health and Fitness222
World Language002*
Career Concentration002*
Total Credits202024
(Up to 2 credits can be waived locally for students who have attempted 24 credits)

*Flexible requirements — 1 arts credit, world language credit, career concentration credit and electives may be substituted according to a student’s High School and Beyond Plan.

Shading indicates a change from the previous requirements


Requirements to earn a high school diploma

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