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Spotlight Districts

Spotlight on Graduation OSPI wants to improve support for school districts toward improved graduation rates with equity. The Graduation Success Initiative is identifying common frameworks, components and practices that have been implemented in districts that are seeing results, particularly in high graduation rates with improved equity for low income students. More about the Graduation Success Initiative.

GATE developed these one page flyers highlighting processes and elements emphasised by principals and district personel as essential to their success in raising graduation rates.

Franklin Pierce School District (PDF)
District Website:

Kelso School District (PDF)
District Website:

Spokane Public Schools (PDF)
District Website:

Sunnyside School District (PDF) | System of Support (PDF)
District Website:

Why these districts?
These first 4 districts were identified as districts of size with data showing outstanding graduation rates, with little disproportionality for students in poverty.

Common Elements
common themes emerged including processes that address:

  • Adult expectations that all students are capable of success, and adults are accountable
  • Clearly defined goals and outcome measures
  • Data based Dropout Early Warning and Intervention Systems (DEWIS)
  • Positive school climate
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Prevention, Intervention and Reengagement
  • Emphasis on transition years: elementary to middle school, middle to high school
  • Connections to mental health and drug & alcohol supports Professional Learning Communities (PLC)


Program Locator (GIS)

GIS MapThe Student Support Map will provide a pictorial representation of where OSPI-sponsored programs are located throughout the state. The map identifies the location of programming and local contact information. The map can be divided by Educational Service District, School District, as well as Legislative District.
requires Flash 10 or above – download here



Dropout Early Warning and Intervention Systems

Using Data to Keep All Students On-Track for Graduation: Team Playbook
By Johns Hopkins University and Center for Social Organization of Schools

This guide describes the research behind the development of early warning and intervention systems as well as observations and tools that may be helpful to teams undertaking this work. The guide is organized into five chapters with examples and background for each section.

Dropout Early Warning and Intervention System (DEWIS)
Collaborative effort by OSPI, ESD 113, WSIPC, and Shelton School District

A report of Shelton School District’s data driven approach to establishing dropout indicators, identifying at-risk youth, and developing support systems targeting the needs of the individuals.


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