Equity and Civil Rights
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Equity and Civil Rights

Posters and Outreach Materials


Free Posters: Order or Print

  • Order posters from OSPI with the Online Order Form. The poster is printed on 11x17 matte paper. Both printing and shipping are free to Washington State School Districts only.
  • Download and self-service print the posters.

Sexual Harassment Poster

Sexual Harassment Poster
Under state law (WAC 392-190-058), every school district must post their sexual harassment policy in each building, in a location visible to staff and students. The Equity and Civil Rights Office has developed this poster to help school districts meet this requirement, and to inform students and employees about their rights. Remember to include the name and contact information of the district’s Title IX coordinator on each poster!

Suggestions for Posting
Posters in school buildings should be hung where children and parents can easily locate and read them, such as: building entrances, common bulletin boards, counselor and nurses offices, hallways, the lunch line, locker rooms, restrooms, etc. To protect privacy, posters should be located where students can read them without drawing undue attention to themselves. The student’s age (and height) should be considered when posting. District staff should routinely check to see that posters have not been removed from posted locations.

Sample Student Handbook Language

Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment
Under state law, information about every school district's sexual harassment policy and complaint procedure must be included in staff and student handbooks, or in other publications that set forth the rules, regulations, and standards of conduct for the school or district (WAC 392-190-058). Every school district must also annually inform all students, parents, and employees about its discrimination complaint procedure (WAC 392-190-060). Districts may add this sample language to student and staff handbooks to meet these requirements.


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