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January 2015

  • Free Title IX Webinars
  • Bullying and Students with Disabilities
  • Effective Communication for Students with Hearing, Vision, or Speech Disabilities
  • Meaningful Participation for English Learner Students
  • Revised Rules Regarding Discrimination in Schools

October 2014

  • Upcoming Statewide Title IX Administrators Conference
  • Fall Conferences & Language Assistance Services
  • Job Accommodations Network Webcast Training
  • District in Mississippi will Rework Student Discipline under OCR Agreement
  • New Federal Guidance on Equal Access to Educational Resources

September 2014

  • All Districts: Equity Assurance Report Due September 30
  • A Reminder about Textbooks and Instructional Materials Adoption with Common Core Rollout
  • New State Discipline Rules
  • Upcoming McKinney-Vento/Homeless Liaison Training

May 2014

  • Equity Assurance Report - Required for All Districts
  • New Guidance for Serving Students with Disabilities in ALE Programs
  • Department of Education Releases Civil Rights Data Collection Reports
  • Revocation of Consent for Special Education Services and its Effect on Section 504
  • Department of Justice Settlement Regarding ELL Program

February 2014

  • Affirmative Action Plans/Policies
  • Student Discipline Guidance issued by Department of Justice and Department of Education
  • Transgender and Gender Variant Students: New Sample Policy & Procedure
  • Changing a Student's Name and/or Gender Designation

October 2013

  • Preparing for Consolidated Program Review?
  • New Requirements for Students on 504 Plans
  • CTE vs. State Nondiscrimination Statements

August 2013

  • Rule Change: Single Sex Athletic Opportunities in Grades K-6
  • Don't Just Use Your HIB Procedures to Address Sexual Harassment or Discriminatory Harassment Complaints
  • Civil Rights Requirements to Provide Interpretation and Translation Services for Parents with Limited English Proficiency
  • Civil Rights Protections for Pregnant and Parenting Students

April 2013

  • Equity Assurance Report - Required for All Districts
  • Changing a Student's Gender Designation
  • Don’t Wait for Law Enforcement to Begin a District-Level Investigation!
  • Districts are not Required to Advertise their Equal Employment Opportunity Status in any Specific Publications!

August 2012

  • Is Your Nondiscrimination Statement Up to Date?
  • Check Your Enrollment Forms
  • Develop a Process to Evaluate Your Athletic Programs

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