Education for Environment and Sustainability
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Education for Environment and Sustainability

Resources and Research

Posting Your Events and Workshops
Because of the great volume of teacher and student opportunities we are unable to directly advertise for you. However we would like to call your attention to a few different ways that you can reach teachers with your professional development and other teacher and student opportunities. We encourage you to check out these websites that each provide event calendars and/or list-serves:





  • The Children Nature Network provides an excellent compilation of research and studies on children’s health and the environment.
  • EES - A Vision for the Future
  • Environmental Education Report: Empirical Evidence, Exemplary Models, and Recommendations on the Impact of Environmental Education on K-12 Students (PDF). In the 2006 legislative session, EHB 2910 was passed, requiring OSPI to conduct an environmental education study. HB 2910 specifies that the study is to be prepared in partnership with public and private entities invested in strategies to reach every student, family, and community with quality environmental education experiences.



Education for Environment and Sustainability

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