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Classified School Employee Excellence Award 
2013 Recipients


2013 Classified School Employee of the Year and
ESD 112 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year

Anne Galvas
Homeless Liaison
Vancouver School District

Anne has served as the Homeless Liaison for Vancouver Public Schools for the past 6 years. She also coordinates the district’s Homeless Outreach Promoting Education (HOPE) Program.

Under Anne’s leadership the program has been rebuilt and now serves over 650 students a year. As the program has grown, Anne has activated her network of building level homeless liaisons to keep tabs on an increasing number of homeless students.

Anne arrived in the field of education via an early career in counseling. She believes she first dabbled in education as a Peer Health Educator in college. This early start and her expertise in psychology help her remain calm, patient and caring when working with families in crisis. Anne shares this expertise with teachers and staff across the district through a variety of trainings about working with homeless students and their families.

Anne is known for going the extra mile to remove obstacles to success. Sometimes this includes obvious needs such as school supplies and fees. Other times she finds herself helping students get the health care they need, securing bus passes, working with other agencies to secure rent assistance and delivering firewood.

Her supervisor Karla Schlosser simply states “You will not find an employee more sincere and passionate about getting at-risk students and families the support they need to be successful in school and life. Anne Galvas is a superstar!”



Northeast ESD 101 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Sharon Condrey
Office Manager
Spokane School District
Lewis & Clark High School

Sharon has been the Office Manager at Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane for over 20 years where she quietly leads behind the scenes to make sure students and her fellow educators are supported and cared for in ways that honor their individualities.

Sharon is always learning something new and embraces technology especially as a communication tool. She manages the school web site, reader board and daily announcements. She is also very active in her education association and regarded as an expert in contract and personnel matters.

Sharon’s great sense of humor and her sense of being absolutely present in the moment remind her colleagues that relationships are at the center of education.

Sharon’s colleague Marybeth Smith observes “As busy as Sharon is – and she’s busy all the time – she always manages to tuck a tiny Post-It in the box of a staffer who’s in need of support and to offer a word of cheer. She ensures that grieving teachers are lifted up in times of need, that every Tiger teacher’s baby is photographed and displayed so that we can all join in the celebration, and that dinners are arranged and delivered to staff members who are facing challenging times. We are a community in large part due to Sharon’s positive influence and her constant commitment to the value of ‘us.’”



ESD 105 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Cynthia Cisneros
Mabton School District
Artz-Fox Elementary School

Cynthia has been a Para-professional at Artz-Fox Elementary in Mabton for the past 2 years and began her career in education in 2006.

Cynthia’s goal as an educator is to support children with challenges and advocate for their unique needs. She says her daughter, who was born blind, has been her inspiration.

Colleagues describe Cynthia as creative and innovative. She is a dedicated professional and a strong advocate for both formal professional development and learning through collaboration.

Cynthia is fluent in Spanish and serves as a translator for Spanish speaking families. She is also trained in Guided Language Acquisition Design and is in the process of earning her Bachelor’s degree to teach special education. Colleagues all look forward to her future teaching career.

Special Education teacher Cindy Marquez praises Cynthia saying “She is always seeking ways to improve her knowledge of education and how children learn. She maintains a loving and caring relationship with our students, and they can count on her to help them when they struggle with math or reading or even friendship. I am so fortunate to work side by side with such an awesome person. I know she is going to be a super teacher. I would want her to teach my own grandchildren.”



ESD 113 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Margaret Douglas
Behavior Assistant
North Thurston School District
Pleasant Glade Elementary School

Margaret is a Para-educator and Behavior Assistant at Pleasant Glade Elementary in Lacey. She has spent nearly two decades working with developmentally delayed and emotionally disturbed students.

Margaret is affectionately know as “The Child Whisperer” because of her unique skill of connecting with individual students.

She provided key leadership as the school implemented a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support program that has dramatically improved behavior and student responsibility. That system, known as PAWS, is Practice safety, Act responsibly, Work together, Show respect.

Margaret has been transformative at Pleasant Glade through her student leadership program. Now in its 3rd year, this program serves over 200 students in 4th through 6th grade. Student leaders are trained in conflict resolution and community service activities, such as composting.

Principal Bruce Walton praises Margaret saying “Her professionalism, core belief that every child must be given every opportunity to succeed, her exceptional skills in reaching and turning around students with significant emotional and behavioral challenges, her dedication, her leadership and creativity all contribute to her worthiness for this recognition.”



Olympic ESD 114 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Richard Haskins
Campus Security Officer
Central Kitsap School District
Central Kitsap High School

Rick has been the Campus Security Officer at Central Kitsap High School for the past 15 years. Education is his second career. He served in the Navy for over 15 years and also worked as a crew supervisor with the Department of Ecology Youth Corps.

Rick is an extension of both classroom and home – offering a sense of security but also guiding students in healthy decision-making and relationships. He also provides staff training in areas of security and law enforcement, including guns and gangs.

“Big Rick” (as he is known to students) is sage and stalwart and an exceptional communicator. His work as a mediator has had a tremendous impact on conflict resolution with a 97% success rate in school security mediations over the past 3 years. Rick believes teaching students how to peacefully resolve conflict empowers them and helps them develop compassion for different perspectives while still holding them accountable.

As a security officer, Rick feels his role as observer is woven into many aspects of daily life at Central Kitsap. He sees what others do not: the students who stay just a little too long in the halls, the unidentified visitors, entrances that lacked proper signage. And his observations have made Central Kitsap safer and more successful.

“From impeccably trained to highly engaged, Rick engenders the relationships essential for student and staff success,” says Assistant Principal Joe Vlach. “He listens and his advice is often sought by staff, students and parents. His word carries weight. When Rick speaks, people want to listen.”



Puget Sound ESD 121 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Meagan Rhoades
Learning Technology Assistant
White River School District

Meagan has been the Technology Support Specialist at White River School District for the past 2 years.

She has been instrumental in aligning formative assessments with state standards and worked with the Burlington-Edison school district to create a database system that allows teachers to track their students’ progress in real time. Meagan has also had a huge impact on the district’s move to standards based grading and is currently working on an elementary level standards based report card.

Meagan has the vision to see the full possibilities of technology and the know how to turn those possibilities into reality. Her Superintendent Janel Keatings says visitors to the district often cite their need for “A Meagan.”

Meagan is highly dedicated and creative. She works behind the scenes but also makes time to work with individual teachers so that the people managing data remain connected to the people using it on a daily basis. Colleagues say Meagan is a great listener who lives and breathes collaboration.

Kristen Montieth, a teacher and parent, praises Meagan’s impact saying, “Her enthusiasm for learning, teachers and children is amazing . . . a lot of what Meagan does is behind the scenes. Many parents would not realize the role she plays in our district. Because I am also a teacher, I know that when my children’s teachers talk to me about the standards they have met, what they still need to work on and the support they are getting, she has had a hand in helping them collect the data.”



North Central ESD 171 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Carol Garneau
Nurse Para-professional
Moses Lake School District
Longview Elementary School

Carol has been a Nurse Para-professional in Moses Lake since 1991. Now at Longview Elementary she works with a team of educators in a Life Skills classroom.

Carol is motivated and inspired by the individual lives and stories of her students – by their desire to be loved and safe and their determination to defy the odds.

She constantly seeks out professional development to hone her skills and understanding of autism, behavior modification and a host of other topics. Carol is the kind of skilled educator and team player who others gravitate towards. She collaborates with teachers on designing and modifying lesson plans for student needs an also has her emergency substitute credentials.

Outside of the classroom she is a longtime 4H leader and was recently selected as the 4H leader of the year for Grant and Adams counties. She is also co-president of her local Public School Employees of Washington chapter as well as grievance chair and bargainer.

Longview’s Principal Robbie Mason says, “Carol is committed to the success and well-being of each Life Skills student, and indeed, all the students at Longview Elementary. She goes above and beyond for our staff and students. It is not uncommon to see Carol at school far past her contracted hours helping address student needs or working on classroom or school related projects. She is a ‘go to’ person for many of us, and she is ever willing to share her many talents with the selfless desire to make our school the best place it can be for both children and adults.”



Northwest ESD 189 Regional Classified School Employee of the Year
Lori Oelfke
Instructional Assistant
Mount Vernon School District
Mount Baker Middle School

Lori has been an Instructional Assistant at Mount Baker Middle School for the past 9 years. She first became more formally involved with the schools through the Citizens for Mount Vernon Schools where she promoted school funding and sat on the board for many years.

She is a truly gifted teacher who currently partners with a classroom teacher in the school’s reading intervention program. Lori has immersed herself in this exciting work – reading all the books in the curriculum herself, modifying quiz times, writing quizzes for new books and even creating audio books for the lowest level readers.

They work so well together that her teaching partner believes they may be developing mental telepathy. This would explain how they have seen an average of 2 grade levels worth of growth in their latest cohort.

While student achievement is always at the forefront of her mind, Lori also strives to thoroughly engage students in discussions about literature, and she reminds her students that reading is the best way to become a better reader.

Lori also works after school in the 21st Century program. Her BS in Microbiology makes her the “go to” homework helper in math and science and she mentors many 7th graders through the creation of their science fair projects.

“Lori is a true professional in every sense of the word,” says Principal Tim Newall. “She works exceptionally well with others and finds ways to bridge gaps other create. She is willing to do the hard work of raising student achievement one kid at a time. Lori can be found at work past her contracted hours because the work needs to be done . . . and I feel honored to have the chance to work with her.”



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