K-20 Network in Washington State
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K-20 Network

The K-20 Educational Network is a high-speed, high-capacity network that connects colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and libraries across Washington state. K-12 schools and educational organizations rely on the K-20 network to run hundreds of data-based applications that support school administration, distance learning and operations.

Fee Structure for K-20 Network Connection
Beginning in 2013-14, the basis for your K-20 network total fee moved from actual usage to connection speed. This important shift in the cost basis made it possible to factor in the E-rate discount. Your invoice for 2014-15 will be the same as 2013-14, regardless of growth in usage.
2014-15 K-20 Network Fees (Invoice Amounts, E-rate Discount Calculations) (xls)

Videoconferencing & Tech Support
Schedule a video conference
Contact K-20 network tech support

Bandwidth, Caching Services & IP Addresses
Request more bandwidth
Locate a DNS caching server
Add or manage IP addresses

Learn more about broadband

Schedule a Video Conference

K-20 Technical Support
RITUs are frontline support for school districts.

  • Contact your RITU (Regional Institutional Technical Unit).
  • Contact your ITU (Institutional Technical Unit).

Learn More About Broadband
Use the National Broadband Map to search, analyze and map broadband availability across the United States.

Check out the Washington State Broadband Office for up-to-date information on the move to install affordable broadband service across Washington. This site represents a partnership among federal and state governments, broadband service providers, citizens and community-based organizations.

Request More Bandwidth
Here’s how to apply.
Bandwidth usage charts

Locate a DNS Caching Server
There are servers at three K-20 network node sites.

IP Address Management
How to apply for an IP address.
Criteria and Requirements

















E-rate Home

K-20 Network Master Policy

K-20 Support
Technical support home

  • Contact your RITU (Regional Institutional Technical Unit).
  • Contact your ITU (Institutional Technical Unit).

Contact Us
State contacts for policy, VC issues and more


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