How to Apply for an IP Address
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How to Apply for an IP Address
Washington state follows the policies and guidelines outlined by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). ARIN assigns IP address space to the K-20 network based on utilization and need.

Be aware that ARIN uses strict efficiency criteria when evaluating requests for IP addresses and requires that K-20 network administrators maintain documentation of district justifications for all IP address assignments.

Requirements & Criteria
Read the criteria and requirements before you apply for a new IP address.

Apply for an IP Address

  • New IP address — make your request 30 days before you plan to launch.
  • Add an IP address — make your request 14 days before you plan to launch.
  1. Submit the request form.
  2. Complete the IP Address Assignment form.
  3. KOCO staff review all IP address requests. They check for adherence to the IP assignment criteria developed by ARIN.
  4. KOCO staff respond back to district requestors, by email, with a plan to add the new IP address(es).
  5. District requestor must send back an e-mail accepting the KOCO plan.


   Updated 5/18/2010

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