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E-rate Program

The E-rate discount program lowers the cost of Internet access, and telecom and network data services for schools and libraries. It’s a tiered system of reimbursement, for which OSPI applies on behalf of all K-12 schools connected to the K-20 network.

E-rate Training & Materials
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E-rate Reimbursement Amounts Tied to National School Lunch Program Data
Starting with Funding Year 2015 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016), E-rate discounts for all schools are based on their shared, district-wide discount. This district-wide discount is calculated based on the percentage of students eligible for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) [or other qualifying method for determining low income student populations] and the Urban or Rural designation of the district.

To assist districts with these changes, OSPI has created a spreadsheet that indicates the enrollment and NSLP (or equivalent) data for each school, along with each school's Urban or Rural status, their State LEA ID, State School Code, NCES codes, USAC-provided Billed Entity Numbers (BENs) – all data that will be needed in order to complete the Discount Calculation portion of the FCC Form 471. Please note, the student counts are not necessarily those you will use to calculate your Category 2 budgets, and don't contain information about part-time students. If you have part-time student data, feel free to use it, just make sure you have documentation that you can provide during USAC review of your application.

This school-level data is then rolled up to create the district-wide discounts. For each district with more than 50% of their schools listed as Rural, the entire district is considered Rural. All other districts are considered Urban. Once the district-wide NSLP% and the Urban/Rural status are determined, OSPI uses USAC's Discount Matrix to determine the district-wide discount.

For Funding Year 2018 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019), OSPI is using the October, 2016 NSLP data, in order to minimize the workload on districts using the E-rate Productivity Center (EPC) portal. Download spreadsheet.

As always, if you have more recent data, or you have documentation that shows something other than what's listed for your district, you are welcome to include that in your application, and provide the supporting details to USAC during application review. If, however, you elect to use the data in the spreadsheet, you will likely not be asked questions about this portion of your application. 

If you have any questions about the information on the spreadsheet, or if you believe it contains errors, please feel free to contact Susan Tenkhoff, (erate@k12.wa.us, 971-279-5808) Washington state's E-rate coordinator.

Eligible Services

E-rate Eligible State Master Contracts
There are a number of E-rate eligible Master Contracts from which school districts in the State of Washington may choose to purchase goods and services. These are contracts for which the State has posted a Form 470, run a fair and open competitive bidding process, and has awarded optional-use contracts from which districts may make purchases.

These contracts are for the following services:

  1. Cellular Services
  2. Advanced Ethernet Services

If you are interested in making purchases from any of these State Master Contracts, and would like the necessary information to include on Block 5 of your E-rate Forms 471, please review the State Master Contracts file.

If you'd like more detail regarding how to utilize State Master Contracts for e-rate purchases, please review the guidance provided on the USAC website.

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