Best Practices for Communications and Connectivity
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Best Technology Practices for School Districts in Washington State

Best Practices for Communications & Connectivity
K-20 Educational Network for Equity, Access & Partnership

K-20 Educational Network
The K-20 network is a high-speed, high-capacity network that connects colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and libraries across Washington state. Easy-to-access and dependable video services eliminate the challenges of geography and economy empowering students and educators to learn wherever they live.

Better than best practice, the K-20 network has institutionalized an equity of access for learning, and a level of administrative cost efficiency that schools now depend on to run the hundreds of data-based applications that support school operations. Fast, reliable video services eliminate the challenges of geography and economy empowering students and educators to learn wherever they live. The K-20 Network delivers on Washington state’s priority to make access to education affordable to all. More on OSPI’s K-20 network page.

E-rate Discount Program
Schools and libraries that apply for the E-rate discount lower the cost of Internet access, and telecom and network data services. A proven value and in high demand after 16 years, OSPI applies for the E-rate discount on behalf of all K-12 schools connected to the K-20 network.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Discount Total $40,570,450 $40,534,776 $26,459,546 $35,397,843 $47,053,488

Regional Institutional Technical Units
State funding supports the K-20 network through highly skilled technical staff in Regional Institutional Technical Units (RITU) based in each ESD. They deliver direct technical support for the network and represent their ESDs on a working group that directs the technical, procedural, policy and fiscal components of the network’s K-12 sector. These highly capable units deliver fast and effective trouble-shooting on a large scale: last year RITU staff resolved 1,000 trouble tickets at the local level, which solved connectivity and technical problems for school districts across Washington.





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