Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP)
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Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP)

In 2010, Washington state received funds from the U.S. Department of Education to develop a Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP). The purpose of the CLP is to provide guidance and support for literacy practitioners—from caregivers to teachers to administrators along the birth to grade 12 continuum—as they build and sustain comprehensive literacy systems for their communities.

Download DRAFT Comprehensive Literacy Plan (PDF, 65 pages, 1.5 MB)

Available now in draft form, the Plan incorporates guidance from the 30-member Birth to Grade 12 State Literacy Team. The Plan builds upon the Washington State K-12 Reading Model of 2005 and addresses the crucial role that early learning plays in developing children's literacy.

In addition, the Plan:

  • Focuses on Birth to Grade 12.
  • Expands the definition of literacy to include new research on brain development and the skills needed for success in today's society.
  • Integrates the Common Core State Standards and the Response to Intervention Framework.
  • Encompasses all learning content areas.
  • Promotes the use of technology.
  • Ties it all together with the SAILS framework.

Next Steps
In collaboration with the Department of Early Learning, Thrive by Five Washington, and the Birth to Grade 12 State Literacy Team, OSPI will finalize the Comprehensive Literacy Plan and develop resources to support the Plan. These resources will be posted on the OSPI Web site. The goal is to create a living, interactive resource that attends directly to user needs, supports sustainability of the system, and that incorporates new knowledge over time.

Please return to this page for developments and updates.

In June 2012, the Migrant and Bilingual Education and English Language Arts offices convened a group to review the Comprehensive Literacy Plan through the lens of language acquisition. Participants from early learning through higher education with extensive expertise met to review and provide feedback and supports to the CLP. Coming soon will be a parallel process of review for Early Learning, in collaboration with the statewide Early Learning partners.



Literacy Grant Opportunties for Districts (PDF)


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