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The Educator Growth and Development division is dedicated to ensuring districts have access to high quality professional learning opportunities to support teachers, principals, and other school leaders throughout the career continuum.

Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST)
Supports early career teachers and their mentors through grants to enable districts to build quality new teacher induction programs.

Manages and provides technical assistance on the E-Certification system for Washington State Teachers, Administrators, Educational Staff Associates and Career Tech Educators. Certification also coordinates Troops for Teachers.

Educator Awards Programs
Collaborates with stakeholders to identify and recognize educators to elevate their voice, support them to engage in education policy, and to celebrate their impact on students and their learning.

National Board Certification
Partners with districts, ESDs, Education Associations and Universities to capitalize on the expertise of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) in providing high quality support programs for teachers pursing National Board Certification.

Special Programs
Provides facilitation, research, and policy and data analyses for legislative workgroups such as the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee and the Expanded Learning Opportunities Council.

Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP)
Collaborates with stakeholders to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers, principals and other school leaders on the state’s evaluation frameworks and on the Washington State evaluation criteria.

TitIe II, Part A
Oversees funds and provides technical assistance to districts and schools to strengthen the quality and effectiveness of teachers, principals and other school leaders.

Professional Development for Principals, Administrators, and Teachers Working with Paraeducators

Principals and Administrators Working with Paraeducators
Over the past decade, there have been increasing numbers of students eligible for special education receiving services within general education classrooms. This has led to paraeducators often playing key roles in ensuring the successful supports and services for students within their school. In addition, the student population is becoming more culturally and linguistically diverse. As the needs of students are becoming more complex, the skills required of paraeducators are expanding, which means it is paramount for school leaders to carefully hire and actively engage in supporting paraeducators throughout the school year. As paraprofessional roles and responsibilities continue to grow, principals must design systems and supports to ensure high quality personnel and services to students with disabilities and English Learners. The following modules are designed to equip school leaders with the skills necessary to successfully hire and onboard paraeducators.

Teachers Working with Paraeducators
A majority of paraeducators work directly with students in their formative years, at all levels, from early learning to high school, and with diverse learners, such as students with disabilities and English Learners. This comes with the need for training for teachers on how to best support and supervise paraeducators. This module series is designed to provide teachers with strategies for collaborating with paraeducators and for developing an effective working partnership.



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