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Common Core State Standards

For Educators

By the 2014–15 school year, Washington will have new, more focused math and English language arts standards. The new standards will help students better understand and solve real-world problems, getting them ready for college and career opportunities.

Teachers can be confident that our current academic standards will provide a strong foundation for the transition. In content, the Common Core State Standards are a close match to our state’s current standards, but strengthen those standards by targeting the skills and knowledge that are most critical for students to know—a reflection of standards in other countries that focus on depth, not breadth.


Get to Know the Common Core


Dive In: Implementation and Training


Spread the Word
Materials you can share with your parents and community.

The Hunt Institute explains why the standards are important and how they were developed. (2:42)

The National PTA talks about how the standards assure college and career readiness for all students. (6:58)



Math Standards Link
English Language Arts Standards Link


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