Beginning Educator Support Team
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Beginning Educator Support Team

Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST)

The ways administrators and colleagues lead new teachers into their districts, schools, and classrooms profoundly affect the learning of students in those beginning teachers’ classrooms. When we set up our novice teachers for success, we set up their students for success.

The BEST Program provides sustained and purposeful support to educators in the beginning of their careers. To promote this, we provide information, professional development, resources, and grants (as appropriated by legislative funding) for comprehensive induction programs for novice teachers. Our goals:

  1. Reduce educator turnover.
  2. Improve educator quality for student learning.
  3. Ensure equity of learning opportunity for all students.

BEST Grants
BEST grants are used by districts to create and implement systems of support that attract, train, and retain novice teachers.


Induction Standards
Induction is the process of leading new educators into our schools, districts, and classrooms in ways that accelerate their learning so they can accelerate their students’ learning.

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What's New with BEST?

If you're wondering if your district should apply for a BEST grant, consider reviewing your district's equity data gathered and reported recently as part of the Washington State's Equitable Access Plan. Links at the bottom of that page lead to district data highlighting high numbers of inexperienced teachers and possible gaps in access for various student populations."

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