Washington Alternate Assessment System (WAAS)
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Washington Alternate Assessment System (WAAS)


The MSP/HSPE/EOC Basic is an assessment option for any student receiving special education services. The Basic option allows the student to meet standard on the state’s annual assessment at a Level 2 score (Basic) instead of the Level 3 score (Proficient).

The student’s IEP team must determine that the student should take the annual test, with or without accommodations, with a proficient score set at the Basic Level (Level 2). This option is available to all students on an IEP in grades 3 through 8 and in high school. The MSP-Basic and the HSPE/EOC-Basic determinations usually align with the areas in which a student is receiving special education services, but the ultimate determination is to be made by the IEP team. Since Science is not an area for services, IEP teams can make the determination that Science-Basic is most appropriate based on services in Reading and/or Math.

The MSP-Basic and HSPE/EOC-Basic cannot be used for state and federal accountability purposes. The HSPE/EOC-Basic can be used to meet the state graduation requirements.

In order to register the student to take the Basic assessment the “Basic” bubble on the back of the demographic booklet should be bubbled in. There is no pre-registration in WAMS for the Basic.

Retro-Basic: If an IEP team has decided that Basic (Level 2) is the most appropriate assessment method for a student after the student has assessed with the HSPE, District Assessment Coordinators can use the Retro-Basic form to change the assessment type to HSPE-Basic for a past test administration.  Retro Basic Form

For more information about testing students with Individualized Education Plans, please contact the Alternate Assessment office waas@k12.wa.us or (360) 725-6089.


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