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Artwork by: K. Dullum
"Stephen Morrissey"
K. Dullum
ESD 114 (Olympic)

Artwork by: A. Gatlin
"My Great Grandfather"
A. Gatlin
ESD 121 (Puget Sound)

Artwork by: A. Erickson
A. Erickson
ESD 101

Artwork by: J. Anzures
J. Anzures
ESD 189 (Northwest)

Artwork by: C. Strong
"Enough Already"
C. Strong
ESD 101

Artwork by: J. Yoo
"A Street of Memory"
J. Yoo
ESD 101

Artwork by: E. Montoya
"The Balance"
E. Montoya
ESD 105


Artwork by: M. Fitzpatrick
"Nuts and Bolts"
M. Fitzpatrick
ESD 121 (Puget Sound)

Artwork by: A. Bermoy
"The Truth-Red n’Black"
A. Bermoy
ESD 123

Artwork by: J. Deichsel
J. Deichsel
ESD 112

Artwork by: H. Pierson
"The Docks"
H. Pierson
ESD 113

Artwork by: K. Stromberger
"Self Portrait"
K. Stromberger
ESD 171 (North Central) and Wenatchee Valley Museum


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