Achievement Gap - Studies
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Achievement Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee

Studies on the Achievement Gap

A Plan to Close the Achievement Gap for African American Students (PDF)
Staffed by the Center for the Improvement of Student Learning

From Where the Sun Rises: Addressing the Educational Achievement of Native Americans in Washington State (PDF)
Submitted to the Governor’s Office on Indian Affairs

Asian Americans in Washington State: Closing Their Hidden Achievement Gaps (PDF)
Submitted to the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

Growing Presence, Emerging Voices: Pacific Islanders and Academic Achievement in Washington (PDF)
Submitted to the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs

Understanding Opportunities to Learn for Latino Students in Washington (PDF)
Submitted to the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs

Additional Research and Resources

Synthesis of the 2008 Recommendations to Address the Academic Achievement Gap (PDF)

Fighting for Quality and Equality, Education Trust

The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, Resiliency, and Academic Success

Closing the Achievement Gap: Achieving Success for All Students, an initiative through the California Department of Education

Mandating an Equitable and Culturally Competent Education for all Students in Washington State (PDF)
A Position Statement by the Multi-Ethnic Think Tank

C.A.R.E. Strategies for Closing Achievement Gaps, National Education Association

Closing the Achievement Gap (PDF)
A Policy Action Guide for Washington State’s School Directors

External Evaluation of the Washington State Bilingual Program (PDF)

What Teachers Should Know about Instruction for English Language Learners (PDF)

Student Behavior Report 2007-2008 (PDF); Interpreting the Behavior Report (PDF)

Managing an Identity Crisis: Forum Guide to Impementing New Federal Race and Ethnicity Categories (PDF)



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